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Bullard traces its heritage back to 1898 in San Francisco where Edward Dickinson Bullard supplied essential equipment to gold and copper miners. His son, E.W. Bullard, returned from World War I and began a relentless pursuit to understand his customers and the problems they faced working in dangerous mines. In 1919, the Hard Boiled® "hard hat" was invented, giving homage to his doughboy army helmet. This innovative design and approach to problem-solving represent the spirit of innovation and collaboration that forms the foundation of Bullard today. 

As a Company always focused on quality, Bullard maintains ISO9001 certification, which solidifies the ongoing commitment to a rigorous quality system in its manufacturing operations. With locations in Kentucky, Switzerland, Germany, and Singapore, and team members located around the globe, every member of the Bullard team connects closely his or her purpose to designing, building, and promoting PPE that advances safety in the markets we serve and to the people we help protect. Bullard is a fifth-generation family-owned business delivering innovation that inspires safety, when and how workers around the globe need it.

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