our history

Metro Fire is a family owned, family operated and family-oriented business.

The year was 1975 and our owner at age 17 started off working in the warehouse for a fire truck and fire equipment dealer in Houston, Texas. Within six months, he started working in a territory selling equipment and fire apparatus. As he became more interested in the business over the years he became a volunteer firefighter and eventually a paid firefighter all while continuing his career in sales. After gaining experience in both the career and volunteer fire fighting space he decided to focus on his sales career and eventually went back to being full-time in the fire apparatus and fire equipment business.

During the early years, it became apparent that service after the sale was not on the forefront of most distributors' minds. Back then there were several stand-alone fire truck service companies that most distributors relied on to provide service. As far as the firefighting equipment service, most of those problems went back to the factories. Being frustrated and exhausted by relying on others to take care of problems with products that he sold, in 1986 our owner decided to provide a solution and founded Metro Fire.  Metro Fire was originally founded as a service company to support his sales efforts, while working for another company that did not provide service. Back then Metro Fire was a one-man show, until 1990 when he hired his first two employees, both of which were also firefighters. In fact, many of our employees today are, or have been firefighters. It's with these two hires that Metro Fire also began emphasizing the family culture that is still present today.

The mission was simple, take care of the customer, and service what we sell. In 1999, Metro Fire Incorporated and our owner became a full-time employee of Metro Fire, and the rest, well, is history.

"We care about our families, and we care
about you making it home safely to yours!"

The one thing that our foundation was built on, the one thing that got us to where we are today, the one thing we continue to do is "listen to our customers". We are who we are today because of our customers. We view our customers, vendors, and our employees as family. We work hard each day for the Metro family and provide products and services that help you make it home safely to your family.

Metro Fire has become a true turnkey fire apparatus and fire equipment distributor selling the finest equipment in the business. We take ownership of what we sell to our customers.

Through diligence, commitment, customization, and innovation of all products and services, Metro Fire’s mission remains the same, service what we sell.

Today, Metro Fire has grown our family and is now in multiple locations throughout Texas. As the company continues to grow and expand, we remain dedicated to present and future customers.