Make Ready

Since day one Metro Fire has specialized in providing solutions and solving problems related to truck design. Specifically, equipment mounting, maximizing storage space, equipment deployment, and other challenges fire departments face while trying to fit everything on one unit. We understand that the demand for storage space never ends. 

There are two problems we resolve during our Make Ready Process. One is getting all of a customer's equipment to fit within the space of their apparatus and two deliver a unit that is ready for service.

Our solution was the creation of our Make Ready Department. The goal was to take a brand-new truck from the factory, totally outfit the unit. We work with our customers to custom design and custom fit their equipment.

We put the truck through rigorous real firefighting testing and operation scenarios. We complete a full mechanical inspection and deliver a new fire truck to a customer that can be placed into service on day one.

This demand has grown to incorporate many of the other services we offer and provide, such as Graphics and Fabrication. We developed our Graphics Department, to produce our own graphics in-house which provides a more customized and affordable solution to our customers. In our Fabrication Department, we can build almost anything that is needed to provide better solutions for securing and deploying equipment.

1. start from scratch

Metro Fire employs personnel at the Spartan factory in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their purpose is to ensure that our customer's units are being built to meet our customer's specifications and quality standards.

Our factory employee has the responsibilities at our body plant in Sioux Falls, and our aerial plant in Snyder, Nebraska. Their responsibilities include quality control inspections, apparatus performances, and final inspections with customers. One of the most important roles they have is validating the apparatus to ensure any deficiencies found at the final are addressed and repairs are made to meet the customer's expectations before the unit is shipped.

This upfront process ensures that when the apparatus is delivered to our Make Ready Department, we can focus on getting the equipment, radios, headsets, and other department equipment installed. By doing the Make Ready process locally, the customer has input on the location of equipment, such as radios, handheld radios, flashlights, headsets, EMS equipment, etc. The customer also works closely with our Fabrication Department to create custom compartments and mounts for their specific equipment.

2. walk-around day

We will schedule a day and time with our customers to come to our facility and layout equipment. We have customers that have brought trailers full of equipment to be installed. Others provide radios, Knox Boxes, Lifepaks, and other specialty equipment while buying most of the other equipment from us, and yet others purchase all brand-new equipment with their new truck.

Each piece of equipment that you have purchased from Metro Fire is carefully laid out, inspected, and will be installed at no extra cost to our customers. Additional functionality, features, and equipment can be added at this point in the process. 

Our customers will spend time during walk-around with our Graphic Designer to start the process of laying out the graphics.

3. fabrication begins

After the walkaround, our work begins. At this point our Fabricators and Make Ready technicians are drawing up plans, making final measurements, and bending up metal. Our procurement staff is purchasing equipment that was added on the walk-around day and our warehouse staff is pulling parts for the final assembly of this project.

4. assembly & install

Our technicians are dedicated to providing a quality product to our customers. This process is very much a getting hands dirty job. We take this job seriously and with great pride. It is our brand, our niche, our trademark, and our reputation. 

Once a customer leaves the Make Ready walkaround, our employees get really busy bringing it all together. 

We employ over 20 technicians whose sole purpose and passion is achieving the Make Ready process. 

This process could include some of the following, but it is certainly not limited to radio and intercom installation, light tower installation, lighting upgrades, custom toolboxes, medical cabinets, hand tool mounting, adapter mounting and organization, tool board installation, rescue tool mounting, shelf fabrication and so so much more. Be sure to browse all of our Make Ready pictures in our gallery.

5. mission complete

The final step in our Make Ready process is to gain acceptance, and appreciation for executing exactly what was agreed upon.

Our goal is for our customers to be able to push their new truck back into the station and be ready to respond. It is time to get this truck into service!

But this is far from being the end. Our service team will be taking over the apparatus care with the department.  

Our Make Ready warranty is covered for 2 years against workmanship and material failures. 

Spartan carries a 2-year warranty on their trucks (excluding commercial chassis). 

For at least two years we will continue to provide a service to our customers at no cost under warranty policies.