Our in-house custom vehicle graphics not only brings safety to your vehicle but also help brand your department to the community you serve. We use only the absolute best 3M Certified materials printed with Eco-Solvent Ink and laminated for UV protection for a longer-lasting life of your graphics. No job is too big or too small for our graphics department. 

Our trained graphic technicians work closely with our customers to provide pristine emergency vehicle graphics designs that follow NFPA guidelines for maximum safety for your firefighters. We add extra protection while on the scene to maximize the visibility of your vehicle with our internal compartment striping of shelves, trays, and tool boards.

1. Start from scratch

Our customers play a key role when designing graphics for their apparatus. We work closely with our customers to create visions into reality. Our designers have years of experience and are dedicated to producing the finest designs to satisfy our customers.

We have made the investments ensuring we have the best software, computers, and machines to design and produce a product that will provide safety and community pride on your apparatus for years to come.

2. Designing your Graphics

It all starts with an idea, a picture, or a drawing of how you want your vehicle to look in order to better represent the community you serve. Our graphics team will customize or recreate your logo and patches if necessary, so they look perfect on your truck. We have skilled graphics design artists using the latest software to accomplish the design. We love bringing your firehouse logo from a computer screen to the side of your truck so that it reflects your unique station's culture. 

We take our job seriously and want to provide the best quality and design to satisfy those needs. It takes hours to get these designs just right. Our graphic designers are more than dedicated to working with you to get that exact look you are requiring.

3. Printing of graphics

We use the finest materials, top-of-the-line printing technology, and vinyl cutting machines to ensure our graphic quality is unmatched. 

We use Rolland VG2 54" printer and a Roland 54" seal laminator to produce our graphics.  Additionally, we inspect every inch of the cut vinyl for proper colors, lines, and blemishes to ensure a high-quality product.

It takes quality machines, the best materials, and talented people to produce the quality product that we expect from our graphics team.

4. application

We do brag about the investment we've made in our graphics department. However, our graphics team is a cut above the rest. With over 25 years of experience, our graphic team takes great pride in their work and it is reflected in the final product.

We take our time on the upfront process to design the graphics on the computer to reduce and eliminate cutting material on the apparatus.  We utilize a translucent Premask application tape to ensure the proper alignment of our graphics when applying. 

We warranty our graphics and stand behind our workmanship for a period of 5 years.

5. Finished product

Metro Fire will not consider this process complete until we’ve gained our customer's complete approval. We want our units to be the best-looking unit in our customer's fleet. We not only bring high-quality workmanship and materials to the graphic process, but we are also most proud of the added safety we add to each vehicle. 

Whether your graphics business with us is on a new truck, a refurbishment unit, a brush truck, or a chief’s vehicle, we strive to make the finished product something that will make our customers proud to own.