StationProtect cleans the air in your fire station gear rooms, sleeping quarters, and living spaces up to 2500 sq/feet at a 9′ ceiling (232 sq/meters at 2.7 ceiling height) with airflow from 50-750 CFM (1.5-22 CMM). The unit quickly and effectively removes particulates, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), molds, smoke, and aerosols. The no-hassle cartridge contains a pre-filter, 80 pounds of patented molecular media, and an H13 HEPA filter capturing 99.95%+ of particulates.


  • Cleans the air in gear rooms, sleeping quarters, and living spaces up to 2400 ft with an airflow up to 655 CFM
  • Quickly and effectively removes particulates, VOCs, molds, and smokes
  • No hassle decontamination modules containing 40 lbs of patented decontamination media (replaced annually)
  • True HEPA filtration for harmful sub-micron particulate matter
  • Portable on casters for placement anywhere in the facility
  • Low maintenance, easy to use with a single knob, and works on standard electrical outlets
  • Durable brushed aluminum exterior 
  • 2-year manufacturing defect warranty

Weight: 160.00 lbs

Product Wegith: 220.00 lbs

Power Supply: 110/220 VAC

Max Airflow: 750 CFM

Media: 4 Pre-filters, 4 Molecular filters, 1 HEPA filter

Replacement Cartridges: CC-605

Sound Level: <62 dB

Power: 50/60 HZ

Power Inlet: C13 Plug

Application: Station/Facility

Color: Grey

Product Dimensions: 42" X 25" x 15"