Pacific R6V Rescue Helmet

MODEL: R6V Dominator
If you're looking for a lightweight vented helmet, choose the R6V Dominator. The Dominator features our Dynamic Sealed Ventilation System (DSVS™) which is water tight when closed. The Dominator can carry multiple accessories to create a helmet to your requirements and is suitable for mountaineering, USAR, paramedic, rescue, and industrial uses.

Pacific R6V Rescue Helmet

Included Features

DuPont Kevlar & Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Shell

  • Provides integral strength and excellent penetration protection. This lightweight shell is chemical and UV-resistant with inherent heat and flame resistance. Expected service life of 15+ years with proper care and maintenance. 

Dynamic Sealed Ventilation System (DSVS)

  •  Open/close the vent for maximum helmet ventilation and user comfort. Watertight seal when closed. 

Ratchet Adjustable Headband

  • Size 52–65cm (downsizing adjustment kits and XL sizes available). Simple operation with a single gloved hand. It comes with comfortable front and rear sweat padding in your choice of leather, merino, or vinyl and is easily removable and replaceable for decontamination. 

4-Point Chinstrap

  • Single-handed adjustment at multiple locations for maximum comfort and stability. Chin cup or chin loop optional (standard dependent). 

Pacific Low Profile Buckle

  • Can be easily secured, released, and adjusted with a gloved hand. 

6-Point Ribbon Cradle Harness

  • Fully modular for easy decontamination and replacement without special tools. 

Optional Features

  • Picatinny Rails
  • Internal Eye Protector
  • External Clip-On Shield
  • Easi On-Off Base for Torch
  • Goggle Attachments
  • Lamp Attachments
  • Water Release Holes
  • Earmuff Brackets
  • Flame Resistant Neck Protector
  • Rear Hanger
  • Reflector Sets
  • Customized Branding


  • Headband adjusts between 52-65cm. Downsize Kit or Extra Large Headband is also available for smaller or larger head sizes.

Colors Available

  • White, Red, Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Satin Black, Silver, Fluorescent Lime, Photoluminescent, Helmet Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Daisy Yellow, Pantone Yellow, Padre Purple, Signal Green, Swedish Green, Pantone Green, UN Blue, Army Green


  • Helmets are certified to the following standards: AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 1 & 2 Industrial, AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 2 Technical Rescue, EN 16471:2014 (CE & UKCA) Wildland Firefighting, EN 16473:2014 (CE & UKCA) Technical Rescue, Compliant: ANSI Z89.1:2014 Industrial
  • Eye Protector is certified to the following standards: ANSI Z87.1:2020, EN 166:2001


  • Parts are covered for manufacturing defects and vary from 1-6 years for different helmet components. 


  • All parts can be removed with simple tools to enable your helmet to be cleaned and maintained.