Pacific R5SL Helmet

The Pacific R5SL helmet is a cutting-edge protective gear designed specifically for firefighters. Engineered with advanced materials and features, this helmet prioritizes safety and functionality in demanding firefighting environments. The R5SL offers superior impact protection and heat resistance, crucial for safeguarding firefighters during intense operations. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and maneuverability, allowing firefighters to focus on their mission with confidence. Equipped with adjustable components for a secure fit, the Pacific R5SL helmet represents a new standard in firefighter headgear, combining innovation and reliability to enhance operational effectiveness and safety.

Pacific R5SL Helmet

Included Features

DuPont Kevlar & Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Shell

  • Provides integral strength and excellent penetration protection. This lightweight shell is chemical and UV-resistant with inherent heat and flame resistance. Expected service life of 15+ years with proper care and maintenance. 

Ratchet Adjustable Headband

  • Size 52–65cm (downsizing adjustment kits and XL sizes available). Simple operation with a single gloved hand. It comes with comfortable front and rear sweat padding in your choice of leather, merino, or vinyl and is easily removable and replaceable for decontamination. 

3-Point Chinstrap

  • Single-handed adjustment at multiple locations for maximum comfort and stability. Chin cup or chin loop optional (standard dependent). 

Pacific Low Profile Buckle

  • Can be easily secured, released, and adjusted with a gloved hand. 

4-Point Nylon Cradle Harness

  • Fully modular for easy decontamination and replacement without special tools. 

Optional Features

External Screw-On Face Shield

  • Various lengths available to suit your requirements.

Easi On-Off Base for Torch

  • For mounting either a UK3AA or Adaro Adalit L5 torch (requires torch clip).

Goggle Attachments

  • Choose from Goggle Posts, Rear Rubber Straps, or Rear Polyester Straps.

Lamp Attachments

  • Choose from 4pt Front Bungy or Front Rubber Straps.

Flame Resistant Neck Protector

  • Choose from Black Nomex®, Orange, or Yellow FR Cotton.

Reflector Sets

  • Premium 3M™ 680 or 3M™ 8887 Reflective Trims available in a range of colors.

Customized Branding

  • Customized branding, rank markings, or other decals are available by request.


  • Headband adjusts between 52-65cm. Downsize Kit or Extra Large Headband is also available for smaller or larger head sizes.

Colors Available

  • White, Red, Daisy Yellow, Pantone Yellow, Canary Yellow, Helmet Orange, Rescue Blue, Black, Satin Black, Army Green, signal Green, Silver, Corinthian Blue, Fire Royal Blue, British Racing Green, Pantone Green, Swedish Green, UK Green, Verdie Blue, UN Blue, Padre Purple, Photolume, Fluro Lime, Fluro Orange


  • Helmets are certified to the following standards: NFPA 1951:2020 Technical Rescue, NFPA 1977:2022 Wildland Firefighting, AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 1 & 2 Industrial, EN 397:2012 Industrial, Compliant: ANSI Z89.1:2014 Industrial
  • Face Shield  is certified to the following standards: AS/NZS 1337.1:2010, EN 14458:2004, NFPA 1971:2018


  • Parts are covered for manufacturing defects and vary from 1-6 years for different helmet components. 


  • All parts can be removed with simple tools to enable your helmet to be cleaned and maintained.