Bullard QXT Pro

Bullard QXT Pro is an advanced decision-making thermal imager with the highest resolution. Your team can go with confidence, as QXT Pro features the latest X-Factor 2.0 Image Enhancement technology, helping firefighter recognize objects faster and identify flow patterns more quickly to understand the scene. Optional features empower firefighters and can help provide critical information, transforming QXT Pro into a versatile tool for many applications.

Bullard QXT Pro

  • Top Performance - Offering the highest image resolution at 640 X 480 pixels and a fast 60 Hertz refresh rate, QXT Pro delivers top performance in image quality and fluid movement on the screen. 
  • Seamless Gain Transition - Seamless operation. Move from high to low-temperature scenes smoothly with a Seamless Gain Transition. No forced shuttering. 

  • Advanced Features Proven Durability & Optimized Ergonomics - Designed and built Bullard Tough for the unforgiving fireground, QXT Pro comes with a Carefree 5-year warranty on the imager and battery. The compact and ergonomically correct form factor optimizes viewing angle while reducing wrist and elbow stresses and localized muscle fatigue.

  • Thermal Throttle - Find hidden heat sources during overhaul. Patented technology empowers users to throttle sensitivity up and down to visually isolate warmer items. 

  • Hot Area Detector & Cold Area Detector - Save time with instant information. Instantly identify the hottest area of the scene with a Hot Area Detector, shown by a red square indicator. Use the Cold Area Detector, shown by a blue square indicator. 

  • Zoom - Get closer to scene specifics. Dial into details even from a distance with the Zoom feature. Helpful when localizing a hot spot or performing an outdoor search. 
  • Image Capture - Quickly capture thermal snapshots. Helpful in creating customized training materials. 
  • Video Recording - Record thermal videos. Easily downloadable for use in training sessions. 
  • On-screen Playback - Facilitate timely training and technical discussions. This feature is training gold. Upon capturing thermal images or video during training, utilize the on-screen playback for instant training sessions. 
  • New X-Factor 2.0 Image Enhancement technology sharpens the distinction between objects and backgrounds, optimizing the image for greater clarity. Includes Super Red Hot colorization, sharpest details, Seamless Gain Transition, Fluid Viewing Technology, and People-Focus.
  • 640 x 480-pixel image resolution
  • Fast 60 Hertz refresh rate
  • Up to 6.5-hours of continuous run time
  • Extra bright 3.5-inch display
  • Wide 40 x 50-degree field of view
  • Available with Basic Feature Pack or Advanced Feature Pack
  • Available colors include yellow (default), red, orange, lime-yellow, blue, and black
  • Wireless truck mount and station charger available
  • 5-year Carefree warranty on thermal imager and battery
  • Made in Kentucky, USA