Spartan ER S-180

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Spartan ER S-180

What is an S-180? The S stands for Spartan – the 180 is the number of days your truck can be manufactured in.

Is an S-180 a program truck? Well technically yes, but No.

There are different Series within the S-180, just as there are in an F-150, trim packages and how they vary. There are over 9 models of the S-180. Metro Fire along with our customers and our service centers designed four different S-180 models.

1000 Gallon Tanks – 3106 Side Mount and 3116 Top Mount

750 Gallon Tanks – 3114 Side Mount and 3120 Top Mount

Simple, you bet!! We took the complication of designing a truck from the ground up and lengthy delivery dates out of the equation of buying fire trucks. To even make things easier, Metro Fire orders multiple units a year to speed up delivery even more than 180 days. We always have units on our lot or have them coming down the production line at all times.

However, if you want even more customization in your cab, no problem!! We can custom order you an S-180 to meet your cab requirements, and the truck still can be built in 180 days! If we were to sit down and custom design a truck from the ground up with your fire department, this is the truck together we would design. The attention to detail on these four custom design and firefighter-friendly models is amazing. These are highly custom with safety, reliability, and storage in mind. Call for a demonstration and see the difference for yourself. These are not your grandfather’s program trucks!

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