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Metro Fire

Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists, Inc. is a licensed body converter. We have learned from our expertise in the fire service and have our own line of  Brush Trucks, conversions, and Chief rides

The foundation of a Metro Brush Truck begins with an aluminum “tongue and groove” slatted bed welded to a side wall extrusion. You will agree, this is the toughest bed around.  We use the highest quality products as standard options on our brush trucks and conversions, and will never jeopardize safety and functionality over price.   

Our brush truck and conversion division is operated by firefighters with the knowledge and fire fighting experience to understand what the fire department’s needs and demands are from their fire apparatus builder.

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technology and changes in our industry and incorporating that technology and quality with best-practice applications. We build a fully customized rig designed specifically for and your needs.

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